1. You’ll ask us to represent you
We’ll need to have an initial telephone call with you in order to find out more about your experience and your concerns. It’s also a chance for you to find out more about us. If we both think it’s a good idea to work together, we will send you a contract for your signature, along with letters of authority which say we can represent you and approach third parties on your behalf.

2. We’ll get to the bottom of your case
We’ll talk to you about what happened, read through any paperwork you have already and find out what files we need to get hold of as evidence.

3. We’ll get the file (or files) we need
We’ll gather the information we need by approaching third parties and then work out the best way to make your case to your financial advisor, pension company or the statutory body. Sometimes this will be straightforward, other times it might be more complicated (if we need to approach and deal with more than one company or statutory body, for example).

4. We’ll give you a clear assessment
Once we’ve reviewed all of the evidence, we will send you a Claims Advice Report, which will explain what we’ve found. If we don’t think you have a strong enough chance of getting compensation, we’ll say so. But, if we think you have a good, arguable case, we’ll lay out how we should proceed. If we have all of the information we need, we’ll also provide you a more accurate estimate of what your final fee might be.

5. We’ll put your argument together
Using everything that we’ve learned about your case, we will then compile the legal argument that supports and underpins your claim. We’ll combine this with any required forms needed, as well as the supporting documented evidence.

6. We’ll submit your claim
Where we send your case to depends on whether the financial advisors or pension companies you dealt with are still in business. If they are, we’ll approach them first. If that doesn’t work (and it rarely does), we’ll go to one of the ombudsmen (either the Financial Ombudsman Service, or ‘FOS’, or The Pensions Ombudsman, or ‘TPO’). If your advisors or pension companies are no longer in business, we’ll apply to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). 

7. We’ll deal with any questions that crop up
We’ll be the go-between for you, the advisors, pension companies and the statutory bodies that can help – helping you answer any of their questions.

8. We’ll see if we’re successful
If we are, we’ll pass on your compensation, minus our fee.

9. We won’t stop until we’ve got you as much compensation as we can
We’ll keep working for you until we’ve exhausted every option.

Why can’t I just make a claim on my own?

You can. And you can do it yourself for free by approaching the person against whom you would like to complain directly or through the relevant statutory body or compensation scheme.

And you might be just as successful without using a company like us.

But bear in mind that the process is involved and it can take a long time.

We do this day in, day out, so we’re used to navigating the claims process and working with regulators. It means we have the experience, knowhow and resources to make everything as smooth as possible for you. We’ll also let you know early on what we think your chances of getting compensation are, which could save you time and hassle in the long run. 



Make an appointment to get started

The first thing to do is to set up an appointment so we can find out whether you’ve got a good, arguable case. If we don't think you have, we'll tell you.

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