1. We’ll assess your case

We’ll read through any paperwork you have already. And we’ll track down any files held by your advisors (and/or whoever provided you with the pension). We’ll quickly be able to see if we’ve got what we need.

2. We’ll make your case

We work on cases like this day in, day out, so we know the best way to put over your case. And we’ll do all the legwork for you: we’ll deal with all the legal forms and the statutory bodies, and manage the whole process from start to finish. 

3. We’ll help get your money back

There are many different ways to claim your compensation, each with their own routes (and different amounts of money we can claim). We’ll explore every avenue to get you as much money back as we can.

What next?

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Fair's Fair
If, after reading up on your case, we don’t think you have a strong enough chance of getting compensation, we’ll tell you. You can then choose to stop your claim with no fees due.